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They are the Voidz, former Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas’s new posse of derelicts that makes the strangest music you’ve ever heard. The band is now touring behind their newest release, Virtue, a 15 track album that spans the gaunt of the bands darkest, twisted fantasies ranging from beautiful synth rock to Sabbath inspired video game hell. Produced by Shawn Everett and Chris Tabron, the album is dark and puzzling in a deliberate way. Some of the tracks feature a kind of VHS fidelity that is supposed to challenge the listeners perception of what a “good” recording really is. The guitars are often modified to the point of sounding nothing like their original sonic capability, yet their tandem playing style that weaves in and out of each other melds perfectly with the overall sound. It is heavy, yet fun. Perturbing, yet irresistible. Casablancas even takes up autotuning his voice on certain tracks. And why the hell not?

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